How to increase car resale value?

Are you looking to sell your old rusty car and buy a brand-new car? Are you googling up how you can get the best value of your car? You are in the right place. For this let’s first understand what is a “Trade-in?” It is when you use your current car value as a down payment to purchase the next vehicle.

Trading in your car can be an exhausting process if you are not prepared. The car salesperson isn’t exactly saints. They are always attempting to make more profit by offering you much less than what you are worth. But also, it’s their job. This doesn’t mean you should not do all you can to get the best value for your old car. The best way to get yourself a good car trade-in value is by doing proper research. That way, you can state facts that will help you negotiate better.

In addition to research, you must know what criteria dealerships consider before you can boost your trade-in value. Let’s read and discover this.

How car trade-in Value is determined?

The trade-in value of a car is determined by the following-

  • Make and model
  • Year when the car was bought
  • Mileage
  • Interior and exterior of the car
  • Overall desirability of the car

6 ways to improve the Trade-in value of your car

  1. Do your research

    Before going into a dealership, you should go online and check out your car’s average trade-in price. This will help you to know the fair price of the car. Every locality has different pricing for cars. You can assess the average pricing of the same make model of car in your locality.

  2. Know how your dealer thinks

    It’s important to know how your dealer thinks as at the end of the day they decide whether to accept your trade-in or not. For the most part, dealerships will be eager to buy your used car. They make more in selling them as to selling a brand-new car. So, unless your vehicle looks like an old rusted bin, your dealer probably wants to buy it.

    Dealers aren’t naive, they are in business to make money. Hence, you shouldn’t be surprised if they keep negotiating. You should be careful about not getting ripped off by one. Sometimes the dealer might start negotiating at a price much lower than the fair price that you are willing to sell at. These are different sales techniques.

  3. Separate Trade-in and new car transactions

    When you plan to sell your old car, chances are you are that you are planning to reinvest that money in buying a brand-new car. Make sure to separate negotiations of the new car that you are willing to buy and the old car that you are wanting to sell. If the trade negotiations are mixed, the salesperson might try to swindle you into a bad deal for you.

    Salespersons make a package for your old car sale and new car purchase. The many variables attached to the purchase of car-like finance, new car price, down payment amount should be discussed separately. You should not let this affect the price of the trade-in.

  4. Keep your car clean

    The simplest way to improve your car’s trade-in value is by cleaning your car properly. Cleanliness shows that you care about the car. If there are stains, MC Donald’s cups spill on the car seat, the dealer will have the impression that you haven’t maintained your car and you might get a bad offer price.

  5. Fix small things and make your car presentable

    Another way to increase the value of your vehicle is to repair the wonky windows the door handles, rough tires. The dealer will notice all this and try to lower the price. We at QC collision provide quality services and help you with Auto paint refinish, replacement of autobody parts, bumper repair, aluminum repair, etc. This is a low-cost fix to increase the value of your vehicle.

  6. Provide service documentation

    Guard all the small receipts against simple oil changes to doing repairs on engines, maintenance work on the vehicle. This will display that you care about the vehicle during the time you have owned it.

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