Things to know about Auto Body Shop

The auto body shop in Surrey BC, QCCollision is here to answer your queries about auto repairs. Continue to read the article to know and understand the difference between an auto body shop and an auto repair shop along with more information that can benefit you.

What does an Auto Body Shop do?

Car owners often come across the term “auto shop” while they talk about getting their car repair work. But it does not always mean that they eventually went to an auto body shop. There can be a very minute difference between the terms and here are the things that an auto body shop will work on.

  • Repairing the car after an accident
  • Helping and fixing the car dents
  • Doing a car paint job
  • Repairing the glass of your car’s window
  • Fixing the fender and Bumper damage

What does an auto body repair shop do?

An auto body repair concerns the car’s interiors, i.e. the components of the car which ensures the easy running of the car. Following are the most common tasks that an auto repair shop performs.

  • Repairing and replacing your car brakes
  • Look after oil change of your car
  • Replacing your car’s engine and its components
  • Repairing other moving components of the vehicle

How to decide where to take my car: to Auto Body Shop or to Auto Body Repair shop

This decision actually depends on the type of damage your car has gone through. Be aware of what kind of service your car requires as this would be an important part of saving money and time with your car repair. Therefore, check out the type of services you need for your car to decide. Also, some car repair shops involve both body repairs and mechanical repairs.

Should I visit both Auto Body Shop and Auto Body Repair?

Sometimes it might be possible. However, it would tiresome to take your car to two different facilities but it is much better to choose the one who is specialized to take care of your car’s unique problems.

Looking for an Auto Body Shop in Surrey?

At QCCollision – ICBC Auto Body Shops Surrey, we specialize in auto body repairs. We are ICBC certified and a team of award-winning technicians with exemplary experience of working for import and domestic cars. We have achieved 95% of customer satisfaction through our service. Contact us today and get satisfactory results.

Things to know about Auto Body Shop

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