How to avoid car damage from road debris

Most of the people might have faced perils while driving a vehicle. Road debris is one of the contributing reasons for road accidents resulting in injuries, death, and car damage. Road debris can be very dangerous to motorists, majorly on road highways where the car travels at high speeds and have less time to react to objects in the road.

Common types of road debris include detached parts of vehicles such as tires and wheels, unsecured cargo, Tow trailers becoming separated and hitting other vehicles, tree branches, mattresses, and many more.

As we know that how dangerous road debris could be, here are some tips on how to avoid damage from road debris.

Tips on how to avoid car damage from road debris

  1. Be alert

Be alert on-road and keep your eye open and stay away from potential hazards. If possible, make sure to avoid distractions from mobile phones and other driving distractions.

  1. Keep distance

One must have to maintain a safe distance between your car and another vehicle on road. Sometimes it happens as the driver in front of you might suddenly slam on the brakes due to the sudden appearance of debris. In such a case, as a prevention step, if you maintain a safe distance between the car in front of you, you can likely increase the chances of your car can come to a full stop before your rear-end vehicle in front of you.

  1. Navigate around debris

If you encounter road debris, make sure to slow down the car as soon as you see it. Make sure you do not slam on the brakes, as the driver traveling behind your vehicle might not get enough time to stop the vehicle.

  1. Leave room to change lanes

One has to assure to leave plenty of room between your car and another vehicle next to you if you have to change lanes to avoid debris.

  1. Avoid quick turns

While navigating around the debris, avoid making sharp or quick turns. If you take a sharp turn you might lose control over the car, which could lead to an accident. So, make sure to take necessary precautions and drive carefully.

  1. Be even more careful during winter

During winter one must be more careful while driving. Large sheets of ice can suddenly fall off from another vehicle. At some places, due to heavy snowfall hail storm can also damage your vehicle. So, one must be more careful and extra cautious during winter.

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Tips to avoid car damage from road debris

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