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Waxing a car comes with many benefits but is it necessary to wax a new car? The owner decides to wax the new car or not. However, this may lead to arguments as many people have their set of opinions. The fact is, a new car can always be waxed, it does not damage the car.

Most cars being sold these days are painted long before it is set for sale. These cars can be waxed as soon as one buys it. But if the cars are painted a few hours ago, meaning the paint has dried completely, we are not supposed to wax it. 

Reasons to Wax a Car:

Waxing a car is recommended at least twice a year. The reasons to wax a car are mentioned below:

  1. Eliminates oxidation
  2. Prevents contamination
  3. Maintains the shine
  4. Makes the car easy to wash and maintain
  5. Removes water spots (if any)
  6. Prevents damage due to sun

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Steps to Wax a Car like a Pro!

Mentioned below are some basic steps that will help to wax a car like a Pro!

  1. Washing: Avoid using a dishwashing detergent. A good pH-balanced cleaner is to be used. Washing helps to remove loose debris as well as contaminants.
  2. Cleaning: After washing, let the surface of the car dry up. Some things like pollen, tree sap, bird droppings, and brake dust do not come off easily. We can inspect for any of these contaminants; one can rub their hand across the surface of the vehicle. A clay bar can be used to get rid of any gritty parts.
  3. Polishing: This step is not equivalent to waxing the car. By application of a polishing coat, the surface of the car becomes shiny and reflective gleam. 
  4. Waxing: This step protects the sheen, finish, and paint. It is advised to use a microfiber to the wax. Let the wax sit for some time, as indicated on the bottle. Finally, remove it and repeat until the car is sealed completely.

It is suggested to follow these steps in a shady area. Exposure to sun rays or rain may not give the desired results.

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Benefits of Waxing a New Car

Once the car is out of the showroom, it is subjected to external elements that may damage the car’s exterior. From UV rays to dirt and debris, all these things may damage the car’s surface; however, the paintwork can be protected by making use of car wax.

Mentioned below are some benefits of waxing the paintwork of a brand-new car:

  1. It improves the shine
  2. It protects against airborne contaminants
  3. It is easier to clean or wash with a layer of wax applied
  4. It acts as protection against scratches
  5. It helps to maintain the paint
  6. It repels water
  7. It protects against sun damage
  8. It keeps the car new
  9. It helps in marking imperfections
  10. It keeps the car clean for a long time

Wax is not an abrasive product and does not cut into the clear coat of the paintwork. This means that anything you add will be beneficial whether that be for additional protection or just to increase the shine.

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Hints that the Car has been Waxed

  1. The paintwork is smooth to touch; the fingers glide across it.
  2. One way to test is to spray some water on the paintwork, if there is less or no beading, it means the car is not waxed. However, if there is beading it means that the car is waxed properly.


Waxing a new car is important; and, the sooner, the better. It is possible to do it at home and advised to wax a car 2-4 times a year. It will help one to keep the car’s exterior rust-free, shiny, and protected for many years to come.

Many people claim that waxing a car causes damage to the paintwork, this is not true. Waxing a new car will add to the protection and shine to the surface without any harmful drawbacks. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is car detailing the same as waxing?
    Car detailing involves many things and waxing the surface of the car is one among them.
  • How long does wax last on the surface of the car?
    Depending on the manufacturing company, some wax lasts for 3 weeks and some might even last for 6 months. 
  • Does washing a car remove the car wax?
    If the car is being washed with water and products designed for the surface of the car, then the wax does not get removed. However, if dishwashing soaps or strong detergents are used, then the answer would be a big yes.
  • Should I use paint wax or spray wax?
    Both can be used. Paint wax takes a long time to apply and it also lasts longer.

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