5 Essentials Facts Before Getting Your Car Painted

5 essentials facts to consider before getting car painted

Before you get your car for the repaint, there are some things you must consider. Of course! Painting the car will definitely give you a lot of satisfaction. One must know what it takes to get your car painted, so learn some interesting facts about it.

  1. It takes time to get your car painted.

The repainting of your car is not a simple task. No, it definitely won’t be that easy but yes some auto body paint shops assure you get the task done in 3 days. However, in general cases, it takes around a week to get your car repainted. The car’s old paint must be removed completely before you apply the new paint to it. For this car goes under fading, oxidizing, and smoothing the surface processes.

  1. You know! Just repainting the car won’t give you satisfaction.

Yes, you heard it correctly. It is a waste of money and time if you are going to only get the car repainted and do not fix the damage. The only thing you can highlight here is the spots that are left on your car before getting it repainted. So, when you take your car to the car paint shop do not forget to get the damages to be repaired too.

The spots which highlight the car defects could be listed as follows:

  • Scratches
  • Dents
  • Holes
  • Rusted Spots
  • Pitting

The auto body shop must check for these highlighted spots and get it fixed before the car gets repainted.

  1. The price factor may vary from time to time and place to place.

There is no market price fixed for this service. The car repaint is artwork done smoothly on the cars with perfection and professionalism. Hence, the price is hiked whenever you meet such professionals. But getting the job done by professionals is not enough. You must get a detailed quote for the part of the work to be done.

Like, ask them to give a detailed quote for the area they are going to paint. Ensure no damage or minimal damage while removing the paint and repainting. Sometimes there will be the edges of car doors leftover without repainting. Or sometimes the hood will not be painted. It seems to me like “I am paying full for the half-done work?” So, don’t forget to get your complete quote.

  1. Increase your car’s value.

Every time you repaint your car. You are increasing your car’s value. Whenever you sell your car it increases the value of the car. It’s because your car looks fresh and the life span of the body gets increased. You can ask the price at a hike if you are selling your car directly to the party or purchaser. But note, whether the repainting cost is coming perfectly into your pocket while you resell your car.

  1. The repainting of the car needs the removal of its interiors.

The repainting of cars is not a simple task. Everything in detail must be checked or else the desire would be of fixing the car paint. Else, the result would be extra cost paying on the interiors damaged. Before you repaint the car, the dash, seats, and consoles would be removed, so that it won’t be damaged or get painted. Remember it’s not only the job of a service provider to get the things out of the car. But it goes the same with the owner of the car too. Car owners must remove all the tool kits provided in the car along with the other accessories. This way you could avoid loss of anything related to you and the car.

These could be the genuine things that could be said and heard by any. But often we forget to follow them. So next time you plan for getting your vehicle repainted, do not forget to go through these essential points to think about. It definitely would bring you up with some new ideas.

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