Everything about Aluminum body repair

Aluminum body vehicle has become trending because of its lightweight, if we reduce the weight of the vehicle, we can get a better gas mileage. In cars aluminum is used pretty much anywhere from frame rails, outer body panels, exterior panels to anything that can be made of aluminum and can reduce the weight of the vehicle. We at QC Collision understand how special your car is for you and what makes us unique is that we know that all-aluminum are not the same but we know how to work with each type and we are committed and a reliable service center in Surrey who help your vehicle’s magnificence to shine back to its original unique state. 

Aluminum body vehicle

Aluminum body vehicle promotes better fuel economy and who doesn’t love to save gas? 

What is Aluminum body vehicle repair? And how is it done?

Fixing aluminum body vehicle is not the same as fixing steel. Insurance adjusters, salesmen, technicians, and owners believe that they are the same but it is a myth. Aluminum behaves differently than steel. Once it is reshaped it will forget its original form therefore, it is` said that aluminum has no memory. It is a work-hardened material, when aluminum is stamped into the shape it becomes stronger. After the aluminum body panel is bent in a collision it becomes strong. It works the same way a spoon, you flex it too much, it will bend and break. 

To repair the aluminum and pull the damaged area, the panel must be heated to 400 degrees to soften the metal, Aluminum dissipates heat very quickly but can become permanent if heated past a certain point. The heated panel can now be pulled and while pulling, the material it’s been worked on hardens to set a new memory of collision repair.

As you can see, there is a lot that goes on into aluminum body repair. Trust the pros at QC Collision, we take care of your car as special as you. 

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