Choose the Right Auto Body Repair Shop: 13 Important Tips

One could be a careful driver but we cannot trust the person coming towards us at high speed. Usually, accidents are unpredictable and often unavoidable. Not only accidents, but the car can also be damaged due to a storm, heavy sunlight, or corrosions. The insurance company takes care of the costs of repairing if the car is insured. It is our responsibility to opt for the services required for our car.

Qualities of a Trustworthy Auto Body Shop :

As we say, “Honesty is the best policy”; what we expect from their services is honesty. They should guide us through the services that have to be performed on our car. They should tell us only the repairs that are required and not something that just increases the final cost! We should not just settle for any shop or services; the shop should be trusted by the people we know.

Tips to Choose an Auto Body Repair Shop:

Auto Body Repair Shop

1. Research:

We can look for a body shop before it is needed. But we tend to make better decisions when we are not in panic mode. If we take a good time to research the company by looking into their track, we can avoid mistakes. We can talk to them about their setup and look into the testimonials.

2. Word of Mouth:

Paying attention to what our relatives or friends have to say about body repair shops is also important. Their opinions can help us in deciding the right shop. They tell us about the services that they have experienced and found it satisfactory. The shop may not be a well-known one, but they might provide us with excellent services.

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3. Comparison of Prices:

The insurance company might be paying the amount directly to the shops. It is our right to check on the prices of the repairs. We can ask for an estimate, this can already be mentioned on the company’s website. We can also ask them about the time taken to get it all done. We can also question them about the equipment they will be using, good equipment means less time taken. This information can be collected from 5 or more shops and then compared to select the best according to our requirements.

4. Visiting the shop:

By this, we get a crystal-clear idea with respect to the quality of their work Also get to know the equipment that they use and customer service. We can also enquire about the professionals who are dealing with our issue. If they seem active with customers it means we can trust them. 

5. Location of the shop:

The selected shop can be one near our place. This allows us to visit the place to have an eye on the car while the work is under process.

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6. Hourly rates:

Most shops charge based hourly rates. These are fixed on the basis of the locality, the number of employees, and rent. 

7. Asking our Mechanic:

The mechanics deal with a lot of body repair shops. They might also know the people of the shops on a personal level. So, we can get to know the technicians really well. 

8. Technician’s Qualification:

We should opt for a place where people actually know what they are doing. We can trust people who are in this profession for some years and have hands-on experience. They should be courteous and shall be concerned about our issue.

9. Certifications of the shops:

Most shops display the certificates, diplomas, memberships, and awards they earned on the office walls and on websites. This helps us in making sure that they are licensed. We will opt for a shop that has highly skilled workers.

10. Type of Warranty the shop is offering:

It is important to know about the type of warranty that the shop is offering. We will not like to settle the one that has a warranty of less than a year. The shops with a longer warranty are preferable; the ones with a lifetime warranty are the best!

11. Customer Service:

The most important thing to consider is customer service. They have to be active and respond promptly to our queries. The staff is as important as the service that they provide.

12. Quality of the Facility:

The place has to be well-organized and modern. It reflects the quality of management, services, equipment used, and workers.

13. Following our instincts:

If in any case, we have a gut feeling that the place is not right, then it’s better to walk away. The number of customers also indicates the type of service that they provide. 

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