The Best ICBC Valet Shop in Surrey

Are you searching for the best ICBC Valet  Shop in Surrey? Your search ends here. Quality Choice Collision is one of the best ICBC repair shops in Surrey, Canada.


Quality Choice Collision stands with ICBC’s qualifications for its Valet shop. It implies that Quality Choice Collision makes sure to supply the customers with the best work involving skillfulness, customer service, expertise, and work facilities. The customer satisfaction rate is very high and is measured by ICBC. If the car is damaged, one can choose to get the car repaired at any shop available at the earliest or the cheapest, depending on the customer’s choice; but a valet facility is a recommended option and it is advised by ICBC.

For making the repair experience convenient and hassle-free, we offer one-stop at Quality Choice Collision, by handling everything: from estimates to completing the rights on the premises. We provide alternate transportation if needed, by allocating a replacement vehicle. We complete our service by giving your car, SUV, light truck a complete detailing to make it shiny and new looking.

Quality Choice Collision has a more than 95% customer satisfaction rate, making it clear that we perform our duties correctly. The price is effective too, which is a reason why we attract customers.

Quality Choice Collision is preferred by many communities throughout Surrey as their favorite body shop. It has grown to be the largest independently owned body shop chain in Canada.

Quality Choice Collision specializes in diagnosing difficult problems. We have been in business since 1992, and are a family-owned business.

At Quality Choice Collision, we handle all models and specialize in 40+ car brands. All our work has a minimum of one year of guaranteed service. The maintenance of your vehicle needs and its repair problems are taken care of. We work on Light Trucks, Cars; Foreign and American; Old and New.

Reasons why Quality Choice Collision the best ICBC Valet Shop:

  • Guaranteed Service: Quality Choice Collision guarantee protects the car against defective materials and workmanship. The guarantee has authentic signatures which makes the staff responsible for all repair work. The facilities are acknowledged by ICBC to provide high-quality and safe repairs that stand as a promise until the person owns the vehicle It helps in maintaining the trust that the work on the vehicle is done correctly. 
  • Alternative Transportation | Free Pick and Drop Facility: If the car has to be repaired and if the customer has worked or has limited or no time to bring the car to the auto body shop, Quality Choice Collision comes there. Provides a replacement vehicle, and drives away with the yet-to-be repaired car to the auto body repair shop. Quality Choice Collision provides alternate transportation while the work continues on the vehicle. Service is provided to pick up the replacement car when the newly-repaired vehicle is dropped off. This service makes the work convenient for both the customers and the workers.
  • High-quality Repairs: The technicians available at all locations have a certificate and are up-to-date with training to make sure that the vehicle is in safe hands; The repairs are 100% efficient. The facilities meet high standards for repair equipment and business practices as mentioned by ICBC. 
  • Customer Satisfaction: Every year, the customer service of the auto body shop is accessed by a third party. The customers are provided with impeccable service. The facilities are driven to provide customers with excellent service. 

Our Services include:

  1. Auto Paint Refinish
  2. Collision Repair Service
  3. Paintless Dent Repair Surrey
  4. Auto Glass Repair Surrey
  5. Fender Repair Services in Surrey
  6. Hail Damage Repair Services In Surrey
  7. Auto Body Part Replacement Services in Surrey
  8. Auto Bumper Repair in Surrey
  9. Aluminum Repair Service Surrey
  10. Car Waxing

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is time a constraint in ICBC claims?

    There is a deadline set up, the owner can claim up to a maximum of two years from the day of the accident.

  • What does it mean to be an ICBC Accredited Collision Repair and Valet Service?

    Quality Choice Collision is accredited by ICBC, which implies that we provide on-site estimates before arranging for repairs. We pick and drop the vehicle and provide alternate transportation if the customer needs it (even if there is no insurance claim). The repairs are guaranteed.

  • Is it true that I will have to pay more if I do not bring my vehicle to ICBC’s preferred shop for repair?

    Quality Choice Collision provides you with an estimation or quote for a complete repair; so that the insurance company can approve it before the actual work starts. If your policy needs that repairs use OEM replacements, we shall do so. If it is possible to use other parts, we do that too, only after explaining the difference in performance and price.

  • Does Quality Choice Collision repair the mechanical damage and structural damage to the car?

    Yes. Any repair that cannot be performed at our place is sent to the mechanic or dealership. The vehicle repair costs are included in the claim.

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