Is paintless dent repair good or bad?

Are you planning to repair the dent of your car and not sure whether it’s the right solution for the damage in your car? If so, read our blog to know how beneficial is to opt for paintless dent repair for your car.

Dents that deface your car’s finish can have different causes. Perhaps you got trapped in a hailstorm, you were engaged with a minor collision, or perhaps the harm bafflingly showed up while the vehicle was left. Despite the consequences, the end result is less than immaculate appearance.

Paintless dent repair (PDR), also known as paintless dent removal is a best method for removing dents from your car without altering your paintwork. For car owners who wish to fix their dent but don’t have a desire to have work done on their paint job, paintless dent removal is the best option to go with.

Benefits of choosing paintless dent removal

  • Value retention: – Traditional repairs would require the use of body filler and repainting damaged areas. However, paintless dent repair can help in maintaining your vehicle’s value. Regardless of whether you’re not one to fixate on the appearance of your vehicle’s paintwork, keeping your original paintwork is an enormous advantage for anybody anticipating selling their vehicle later on. Maintaining your vehicle’s original paint finish can help in boosting up your car’s resale value enormously and using dent removal techniques can help you accomplish this.
  • Time saving: – Paintless dent removal usually takes a fraction of the time to fix the dent which means most auto shops can deliver your repair car on the same day you bought it in. However, if the dent is deeper and if there are more dents it might take a bit longer. But in general paintless dent removal is less time consuming than compared to traditional auto body repair.
  • Cost efficient: – Since paintless dent removal procedure consumes less time, unlike traditional body repair paintless dent removal procedure is very affordable. When you factor in the savings on materials like body filler, primer, and coats of expensive auto paint, you can easily make out to see how choosing paintless dent removal can help in saving your money.
  • Environmental friendly: – Usually the auto paints, body filler and solvents releases toxic chemicals into the environment. With paintless dent removal, there is no such negative impact on the environment, so footprint left on the environment is minimal!

The different advantages referenced above should give you a thought of what you can gain from paintless dent removal. From its pecuniary benefits to increased convenience, there’s no question as to why paintless dent removal has become quite a common practice.

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