Most common Auto body repair services

People do take their cars to auto body repair shops at some point in time. But have you wondered, what are the most common repairs that you must be aware of?  Car is one of the vital assets. So, it’s necessary to ensure that it is in a good condition all the time.

Sometimes damages might also make your car dysfunctional. But others may not have an immediate effect on the functionality of the car. If these damages are left unattended, your car may break down. In order to avoid such inconveniences, one must repair their car immediately. A good auto body shop in Surrey can help so the right repairs.

From collision to fender repairs, accidents happen every day. Accidents, unfortunately, leave dents and scratches, scrapped paint, and damaging panels. Following are some of the most common damage that requires auto body repair service:

  • Bumpers
  • Dents
  • Paint
  • Fenders
  • Collision


Dents are the more frequent results of motor vehicle collisions. This could be experienced anytime and might get a dent even without trying. For example: – You might have parked your car too close to others in the parking area of a grocery store. Suppose someone opens their door and dinged yours.

Do not leave unattended after you experience a dent to get it fixed. Most dents end up with paint scratches. When the paint is scratched off, moisture can get accumulate underneath and rust your car metal.  If left unattended, the damage might even get worse.


Car paint damage can be due to scratches and the cause for paint scratches could be anything. Whatever the cause is, all kinds of scratches can affect the paint on your vehicle. Unfortunately, these paint scratches and rock chips will definitely lead to rust and other types of damage.

If you leave these issues unattended for a longer time, the damage might harm your car’s paint job and underlying metal. An auto body repair technician can fix the scratch. Then match the color of your paint exactly so your car looks brand new.


A car’s bumper serves an important purpose. Bumpers take the brunt of small collisions. It impacts and acts as a shield to the rest of the auto body from damage. Bumpers of your car get frequently damaged because of cracks, scrapes, and other types of damage.

You don’t have to be much closer to collision for damage to occur. It’s quite difficult to know how the rest of your car can be compromised. So, it’s important for you to bring your vehicle to a trusted auto body shop as soon as you hit something with your bumpers.


People often think fenders and bumpers are the same. But these are not the same. The bumper is the plastic structure that covers the front and back of your vehicle. However, the fender is the metal structure framing the wheel well.


Car accidents often involve collisions. Car collision repair may include many such repairs. It is important to boost the functionality and durability of your car. A collision can occur anytime and most of the time it happens that people ignore the issues.

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