5 Useful Steps to Stay Safe During Pandemic | Social Distancing After an Auto Accident

All though majority of the states has announced for a stay-at-home order, there could still be incidents where drivers can be a victim of auto accidents. This unfortunately might also increase the risk for drivers to get in contact with the virus after an accident occurs.

Getting into such a car accident especially during this pandemic could be a stressful experience. Normally, during the accident, people involved in it would exit from their vehicles in order to collect information and talk to others who are serving as a witness.

5 Useful Steps to Stay Safe During Pandemic – Auto Accidents

Considering the six feet apart recommendation by CDC, the following are some tips to stay safe during pandemic while they share insurance information, get a vehicle repaired.

  1. Safety should be the first priority: You must prioritize safety as soon as you met with an accident. Before you get down from the car make sure the roadway is safe. If you experience minor damage in-vehicle, try to pull off to the side of the road and then exchange information with another driver. Then assess the situation
    • If you’re injured or any passengers are injured.
    • Check if the roadway is clear and it’s safe to move out of the vehicle.
    • File a complaint and report the accident to the police if the damage is severe.
  2. Respect social distancing: When you assure that it is safe to exit your vehicle, make sure to follow and maintain the CDC’s recommended social distancing guidelines. Also, make sure to wear the mask while you’re interacting with other drivers or the people who witness the scene of the accident. Make use of your smartphone to exchange information and gather proof of the accident.
  3. Capture accident information safely: While you exchange information with another party, it is suggested to avoid the usage of pen and paper. Instead, make use of smart-phone and gather the necessary facts for insurance purposes. While maintaining social distancing, you can request other drivers involved in accidents to provide you with their information while you save it on your phone. Collect the necessary information at the accident
    • Name and contact information of a driver and passengers (if any)
    • Information of the Vehicle driven
    • Driver’s license number
    • License plate number
    • Insurance Company along with policy number
    • Information for any witnesses
    • Location of the accident

    Apart from this, also make sure to capture as many photos as you can at the scene of the accident. It’s absolutely fine to exchange information with other parties later, but make sure to take your own as well. Avoid signing on any document unless it is provided by an authorized police officer.

  4. Contact your insurance carrier: Luckily, in this digitalized era most insurance companies will have a facility to claim for car accidents online. During the current pandemic situation, it is necessary in order to minimize unnecessary contact with strangers in person. File a claim if one of the following is true:
    • Your vehicle needs repairs and that will cost more than what the vehicle is worthy of.
    • Someone was injured in the accident.
    • It is unclear who was faulty for the accident.

    Once you have filed a claim, your case will be investigated further decision is done to figure out how much they should give you. Make sure to document everything to avoid downplay situations.

  5. Contact your auto repair shop: Car repair during an auto accident could be crucial. However, if you leave the repairs unattended, it could eventually worsen the situation and end up causing issues down the road. You can also share photos of the damaged vehicles and get an estimate for your auto repair work.

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5 Useful Steps to Stay Safe During Pandemic

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