7 Things you must know about collision repair

So you have been met with an accident and now need auto collision repair. What next now? Often people don’t bother much about the process until they are forced to endure it. Hence, there are lots of misconceptions about how collision repairs can be handled. These seven surprising facts will demystify collision repair, from the thorough check and evaluation of your car’s damage to where you should take it to get repaired.

  1. Collision damage affects more than the surface

Whenever you are met with an accident or your car hits something, the collision can have an impact on the entire car. You might notice breakage or bending of your car body panels, wheels, frame components. Sometimes you might also notice damage in interior pieces and drive train parts. This is the reason, why many collision repair experts go for wheel alignments. Even the small bending offender can affect the position of your car’s suspension.

  1. Shop estimates differ as per the ability of the evaluator

An experienced technician will initially check all the damage caused by a collision. Then provide an estimate that should come nearest to the final repair cost. Suppose you end up choosing someone who does not have knowledge of what they’re doing or what needs to be fixed. The estimate might be low. But then the collision repair would hardly cover everything that needs to be repaired totally in your car.

  1. “Totaling” Damage severity is not the only criteria

Usually, the insurance company considers vehicles are “total loss”. Especially, when the overall cost of repairs exceeds the vehicle’s actual value. An older vehicle will likely meet the threshold very soon. But a new car must be irreparable to meet the insurance criteria. Even with the experienced technician, some repairs will not be identified only after it actually begins.

  1. Metal body parts do not have a “memory”

You might have come across TV ads claiming that you can pop a body panel into place with a simple tool. This rarely happens in some cases, and you should verify such claims. The fact is, the body panel will stay in its shape no matter even if the bend was made in the factory from a press or was the result of an impact.

  1. Lack of body filler does not equal lack of repairs

In the past, to identify if the car had been in a collision you could run a magnet over the body. You can identify which parts were still made of metal and which parts are actually covered in body filler to hide dents. However, this is not the appropriate method. Some vehicles would come off the factory floor with filler to hide small inconsistencies after shaping the metal.

With upgraded technologies and highly developed body repair tools, metal can be reshaped so that just about any dent can be removed. This reduces the usage of fillers while repairing. Automotive paint flexes with body panels before it becomes separated. If the paint still remains and the damage is small, then dents can be removed without repainting or re-spray the panel.

Also, the metal surrounding the damage can be fixed without repainting. This makes it hardly identifiable to repair after it has been completed.

  1. With quality repair, a damaged vehicle will look as good as new

Manufacturers directly work with body shops and their associates. They ensure technicians are well trained to restore the original specifications of the vehicle after any sort of collision. So when a repair is done perfectly, the vehicle will restore its original functionality, structural integrity, and appearance such that it was never involved in a collision.

  1. You can choose your body shop

You might have some recommendations by your insurance provider for a body shop to take your vehicle, but they can’t force you for it. You can make your own research and choose the best auto body shop repair near you.

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7 Things you may be unaware of collision repair

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