Should you repair or replace your car windshield

A car is very close to every car owner, and no owner wants to see any damage to their car. Seeing your damaged car is more than enough to spoil your day. Especially, if the windshield is chipped or cracked as it means that it might be time-consuming to fix it up. Whether the damage is due to a road accident or weather condition or any small rock that hits your car, the broken car glass should be fixed immediately. It ensures your safety and your fellow passengers’ safety. If your car has a chipped windshield it might eventually spread on the entire windshield and completely spoil the car glass. In some cases, it is evident the windshield must be supplanted, yet the vast majority of the occasions the break or chips may go in any case.

So would it be a decent thought for you to fix your car windshield or change it?

Deciding factors of Windshield repair or replacement.

  1. Is your chip larger than 3 inches?
  2. Does the chip or crack is in the driver’s line of sight?
  3. Is your chip or crack too old?
  4. Is the crack or chip is near the edge of the windshield?
  5. Are there multiple chips or cracks on the windshield?
  6. Is both the inner and outer layer of the glass is broken?

Is the answer to all the above questions is No? Then take a breath and that’s because a quick repair would be sufficient to fix the chipped windshield instead of replacement. When chips or cracks occur you must get them fixed immediately.

In any case, what if the event gets postponed for some days or weeks before seeking the repair?

No worries!

Here are a few tips that can be done to prevent the chips from growing into larger cracks.

  • Cover the chip by packing tape to keep it dirt-free. Make sure you use only clear tape to keep out debris.
  • Do not wash your car.
  • Take care of the internal pressure upon the windshield as the increase in internal pressure would cause the chip to grow into cracks.
  • Make sure not to use any adhesives or glue into the chip as this might make a real chip repair ineffective due to the debris.

If you are in a stage where just a repair won’t work and the windshield is entirely irreparable, then windshield replacement is the left-out option. This would hardly take an hour or less to replace the windshield if the fix is done in a workshop. If the replacement is not done properly then you might end up facing the following challenges.

  • Gaps in the frames: – You will notice a whooshing sound while driving your car even if all the windows of the car are closed.
  • Rattling noises: – If you notice rattling noises while driving on bumpy roads, which means the windshield is not installed properly.
  • Irregular patterns: – If you come across light distortion, poor clarity while driving, blemished on the windshield, then it’s a sign of incorrect installation of the windshield.

If you notice the above signs, then reach out to your windshield replacement company immediately.

Windshield Repair or replacement might be expensive at times. Having the right insurance coverage that covers the cost of a windshield replacement is valuable. Approach your insurance carrier to confirm your coverage before you schedule an appointment to fix the windshield either by replacing or by repairing it.

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Chipped Windshield Repair or replacement

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