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The wreckage on roads can strike the windshield of a vehicle resulting in the smashed glass. If the cracking process is not put to a halt, it will continue and cover a large portion of the windshield. The breaks can go on from being a small crack to a big shattered area. This is the time we call on the services of a specialized auto glass repair company, with the help of which we can get the minor breaks fixed without actually replacing or removing the windshield at all.

Debris may not be the cause of an out-of-order windshield. Stress or twists can happen inside the glass of a windshield, which can lead to cracking. The stress can occur due to improper mounting of the windshield or due to the flexed vehicle frame.
For low-cost windshield replacement for auto glass repair by a reputed auto glass repair company, the following things are to be kept in mind:

  1. Improve the visual clarity of the vehicle in the area of the windshield
  2. Repair the surface of the windshield back to its smooth state
  3. Put off the wiper blade intrusion back on the windshield
  4. Preserve the unique bond and seal without the need for a replacement.

The reason to get the windshield repaired for the vehicle is to restore the integrity of the glass and stop the damage process (that is the break and crack process). Getting the auto glass repaired properly also helps to prevent the replacement of the windshield. The repair helps us to get better visual clarity even of the damaged area. After the repairs are done, the appearance of the windshield should not be impaired ever again. In case some destruction occurs, the entire windshield should be replaced. Keeping this in mind, it is advised to hire technicians who are specialized in auto glass repair, they evaluate the broken or cracked windshield requirements efficiently and suggest to us what is to be done.

We find many Auto glass repair shops easily, which means we cannot just hand over the vehicle to just any shop. We should have a positive outlook on the ability of the company to accomplish the task. Incomplete and unsafe repairs put our safety at risk as compromised auto glass affects the integrity of the vehicle. We will now explore reasons to reach Quality Choice Collision to deal with your auto glass repair works.

Reasons to Choose QCCollision for Auto Glass Repair Surrey:

  1. Certified Technicians:

While exploring different auto glass repair companies, we need to find a shop that holds the technicians to the highest standard. The National Glass Association (NGA) issues certifications to professionals who are trained and have demonstrated outstanding performance with the craft. The NGA certification is a sign that the auto glass repair shop is dedicated to delivering high-quality repair services. At Quality Choice Collision, the technicians hold NGA certification as it is a symbol of excellence within the industry. Quality Choice Collision – Auto Body Shop Surrey also holds certification from Auto Glass Safety Council.

  1. Auto Glass Repair Experience:

As customers, we value the quality of work, which is possible by experience. It is possible if the technicians are certified. Without experience, it is impossible to complete auto glass installations and repairs. Quality Choice Collision has more than 25 years of experience in the industry.

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  1. Mobile Service:

 This service is very convenient especially for a busy person, it saves a lot of time. Quality Choice Collision offers mobile repairs; the technicians will come to fix the glass on the spot. 

  1. Positive Customer Reviews:

 In this age, every business owns a website; we must do our research before giving away our vehicle to the auto glass repair shop. Positive reviews are a symbol of the reputation of the company. At Quality Choice Collision, many 5-star reviews are praising the outstanding service.

  1. Does QCC work with insurance companies?

 Filing for a claim for minor windshield chip repair is not recommended; based on the deductible, we can draw on insurance coverage for full windshield replacement. For that, we need a shop approved by large insurance companies and should have some experience with insurance agents. It is more of a hassle than the worth.

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Bottom line:

 At Quality Choice Collison, the staff is dedicated to satisfying the customers. The excellently trained and knowledgeable technicians are experienced in the field, the work here is proof of that. Be it a simple rock-chip repair or a full auto glass replacement, we can trust Quality Choice Collision to perform outstanding work.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Can the auto glass repair work be undertaken during rainfall?
    No, the surface being worked on has to be dry for the resin to adhere properly.
  2. Is it legal to drive a car with a cracked windshield?
    No, one can be booked by the police depending on the severity of it.


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